!Do not ease the blockade

It is strange that almost every western country which has shown sympathy with Qatar and offered support is keen to assure that it is against terrorism, as if Qatar evidently has anything to do with terror . And they urge Gulf states to ease the blockade against Qatar, as opposed to end it altogether. It surprises me that the world seems to believe that the accusation that Qatar funds extremists has some basis, especially that there is no evidence to prove any of the accusations, or, were they demands? Or violations? They cannot decide what to call them, which is just a .piece of evidence that they are false

This is despite the fact that the four countries which started the blockade, having had Trump’s blessings, I must say, have real involvement with terror. Two of these were even caught “red handed” in September 11th . Some have serious issues as far as human rights are concerned

Egypt, for example, is almost soaked in the blood of innocent people who face the capital punishment almost every other day without fair trials. In its prisons, the number of which they had to increase, almost eight hundred thousands are wasting years of their lives just for having tried to demonstrate peacefully or express their minds. More than a hundred websites were closed just for trying to say that they are unhappy with the performance of Sisi

People in Qatar, however, are the happiest among Gulf and Arab nations. They have no issues with their government. None of them has ever joined Isis. Their country has no record whatsoever of exporting or financing terrorism. And if it was not for Trump’s visit to address, or rather, control Muslim countries, no one would ever think to put Qatar on top of a list of countries supporting terrorism. This is why we are surprised, perhaps even shocked, that people talk about easing the blockade. They should say instead: END this ridiculous blockade at once

Delal khalifa